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Yongkang Dingding Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., specializing in lock industry supporting services; company to provide professional installation and replacement of civilian anti-theft lock, lock body, hand and so on. At present, there are many kinds of anti-theft doors for civilian locks, and the details of the replacement of the anti-theft locks are checked and replaced.
       Yongkang Ding Ding Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. for you to solve the problem of locking! Protect your family and your family!
Yongkang tripod Shield Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. located in the domestic and foreign Chinese hardware craftsmen Zhejiang Yongkang City, the former focus on the door lock manufacturing industry for more than ten years, in 2013 began to enter the field of smart locks, formally established in 2015, is a young, Science and technology set of research and development and manufacturing one of the multi-energy enterprises. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, on the high standards, high starting point, a strategically advantageous position, with forward-looking vision, cutting-edge technology planning company's future development picture, build industry-leading product line layout positioning. The company focused on the smart home smart locks in the field of R & D and manufacturing, the company has independent research and development of a variety of semi-automatic, all self
The same time as
The smart door locks have a number of patent and appearance patents. The latest research and development of the DD-8008 is the company's top scientific research and technical personnel lasted three years of independent research and development, after more than 100 precision machining processes completed by the epoch-making cutting-edge technology products, one into the market that domestic and foreign mainstream market praise. At the same time settled in Hangzhou and Shanghai, a number of high-end residential district preferred security solutions provider. Ding Ding smart lock in the current intelligent era of home areas, the company fully respond to national calls, to create "Made in China" smart lock lead industry, a leading smart home industry leader.

  • Company is located at home and abroad, the hometown of Chinese hardware craftsmen Zhejiang Yongkang。

  • The top domestic consulting firm full trader. National media brand communication.

  • China's top R & D team, a number of brand-name patent and appearance patents, technology is currently ranked first in the market.

  • Combined with market research and market operation, effectively prove that smart lock strong market demand.

  • Workshop more than 100 superb process processing completed, the current European and American mainstream technology recognition, with the domestic authorities recognized.

  • 8 major service support system, remove the worries.

  • Company products and diverse styles, fully functional to meet the security needs of different customers

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